Abstract Art With No Name


Here is an abstract art painting I did in ArtRage this morning. It was a great exercise in learning how to outline elements and in stippling. I was trying to achieve a somewhat grunge effect with the stippling on the background layer. I think I did that… sort of lol. The scratch marks were kind of an accidental discovery. As I was tapping my drawing tablet to produce dots I discovered that when you start going fast in the process, the drawing pen tends to slip here and there causing scratch marks which I actually thought was cool, so I kept going. I think I spent about an hour just doing the stippling. Painting and outlining the “blobs” took about half as long and I love the bold colors outlined in white. I think I’m gonna do another similar art piece at some point with circles or squares instead of random blobs, although I think the blobs look cool.

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Sunrise At Cherry Blossom Hill



I made two versions of this new painting I did in ArtRage. The first image is how the original piece looks, and the second one has a different background variation. This is the first real art piece I have done that involved working with layers. It took me quite a few hours to paint this. I painted the original piece on a 2400X3000 pixel (8×10 print size) at 300DPI so that I can send the image in to be printed. I’m interested to see how that will turn out and I will post a photo of the actual photo print in a later post if I do get it printed. 🙂

I should mention that this is a product of “I don’t know what the hell I’m doing but I’m just gonna go with it and see what happens”. 🙂 You gotta learn somehow right!!?

UPDATE: I have placed an order for a test print of both versions of this art piece. I will hopefully pick them in a day or two and see how they come out.

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Waking Up Mandala


I sat down at my computer desk this morning and began to play around with the new Sumo Paint program I was able to download from my Wacom Bamboo Dock (thanks wacom) and discovered it has a symmetry tool in it which allows you to paint at multiple symmetric points on your canvas. My first thought was wow, I can draw real mandalas with this, and so I did. I spent abut an hour I think working on this while waking up, which is why I call it “Waking Up Mandala”. 🙂

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My First Try At Tracing With Wacom Bamboo Splash


I just recently bought a new drawing tablet. I got the Wacom Bamboo Splash. With it came a bundled software called Artrage. Artrage has a tracing feature which allows you to sketch over an image to create a drawing. I cannot tell you how much I love having that feature. I would have never been able to draw this on my own…. or maybe I could but it wouldn’t look as cool. I will be trying this out a lot more again but may not be posting many tracing pieces on this blog unless I am using my own original photographs to trace from. This was just something done for fun.

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Frosted Glass Abstract Art #1


Paint some random colors, throw a filter on it, brighten the lighting, create a masterpiece.

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Frosted Glass Hurricane Abstract Art #5


Click here to see more of my art. Enjoy!! 🙂

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Frosted Glass Hurricane Abstract Art #4


Click here to view more of my art. Enjoy!! 🙂

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Frosted Glass Hurricane Abstract Art #3


Enjoy!! Click here to see more Chill Out Art By David and follow my blog.

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Frosted Glass Hurricane #2


I am so thrilled with the end result of this abstract art piece. This is the second image in a series I’m calling “frosted glass hurricanes”. It certainly is a unique evolvement from the first one I showed off in my Hello World blog post. As I was creating this I came up with a few ideas to further evolve this series. I hope you enjoy this piece of art as much as I enjoyed creating it. 🙂

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Hello World!!

Welcome to my new art blog at chillmosa.wordpress.com where I will be posting my original digital art images as I create them.

What is “chillmosa” you may ask. The name evolves from how I describe my art. I call it chill out art or chill time art that I create when I’m bored or just in a quite mood. I love creating mosaics and digital filter abstract art. So with the keywords “chill out” and “mosaics” I came up with “chillmosa”.

Below are two recent art pieces I have done and included in this post to give you an idea of the type of digital art I like to do and will be posting more of as time goes on.


This one is a random mulicolor mosaic image in which colors were randomly picked and images of strips of blocks were created and then pieced together in one large mosaic image. I am a person who loves randomness in my creativity, so this is a really fun art form for me. I never know how the piece is going to turn out until I put all the parts together, and with endless colors to choose from, there’s no end to the possibilities.


This is one of my frosted glass digital art pieces. This was done by painting some colors in photoshop on a blank image and then simply using the frosted glass distortion filter to make it look as if you are looking through a bumpy shower glass. It’s a very simple, and quick, but very stunning (I think) way of creating a spectacular, and somewhat psychedelic piece of art.

Well there you have it. I’ll be posting more art pieces as I go along creating them. I invite you to follow my blog and thanks for checking it out. 🙂

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